About Rushcliff Ltd & Private Practice Software

Rushcliff Ltd

Rushcliff Ltd is a private limited company owned by the two original founders and its current directors. The company was founded in 1997.

Prior to this the company traded as a partnership for two years, and before this the two founders had worked closely as independent software consultants for a number of years.

We specialise in the development of database applications software and work in a key number of corporate and private market areas.

Rushcliff Ltd is a dynamic, enthusiastic company that thrives on customer service.

Roles within the company are divided into Sales, Training, Support and Development. All development, marketing and strategic work (including this web site) is undertaken in house.

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Private Practice Software

Private Practice Software (PPS) is our flagship product. It is a Patient and Practice Administration software package and is developed and owned entirely by Rushcliff Ltd.

Prior to the development of PPS, we initially developed the Chiropody Practice Management System (CPMS) in 1995. After a small degree of success we decided to broaden horizons and develop a package for a wider range of disciplines. The development of PPS started in 1996.

PPS was first released in 1997. Since this date PPS has gone from strength to strength to a position now of being strong UK leaders in its market.

Part of our strength is our approach to software development. We will always listen to your ideas and do our best to incorporate these ideas into new releases of PPS. This means that there have been 6 major new versions of PPS and hundreds of new releases since 1997.

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Our Philosophy

How we work and how we behave as a business is important to us. Here's the top ten things we believe in:

1. Mission Statement

Why are we here? We want to provide good quality software at a price that reflects excellent value for money. Our clients range from large corporates to self-employed individuals and we aim to provide the same level of service to everyone.

2. We have been around for quite a while and we have quite a lot of experience

Our company was formed in 1996 and our flagship product (PPS) has been around since then. The two owners of the company have a firm background in software development dating back to the early 1980s and this experience shows in the leadership skills and passion they have for the development of the company.

3. We don't have investors

Rushcliff Ltd is a company privately owned by its two active and current directors so we don't have heavy external pressure or obligations to fulfil sales targets. This rubs off onto you, the client so we don't do "the big sell" on you and it's not all about beating targets.

4. We are open and honest about our software and solutions

We are always open about how our software is developed and how we provide all our services (such as on-line hosting). If things go wrong (which they occasionally do) we tell you. We will inform you if any of our services are suffering disruption (even if the cause is out of our hands) and we will never brush things under carpet and hope they go away. We then prioritise our time towards resolving the situation and informing you when all is well.

5. We don't do the "hard sell"

We will inform and educate you so that you can make your own decision about purchasing our software.

6. We don't bad-mouth our competitors

Some of our competitors spend far too much time criticising others rather than promoting themselves. We will give an honest opinion where we can about other software but we will never bad-mouth another company.

7. We are a growing stable company

We own our own premises and have a dedicated team of staff who are all fantastically committed to what we do.

8. We listen

Our aim is to always provide the best solution possible and we are always keen to discuss new ideas and solutions with our clients, even if it means investing considerable time and expense in doing so. New ideas in our software come directly from our users Our software has been built with the sole purpose of saving you time and money.

9. Our help documentation is completely free

We have a fantastic "Knowledgebase" on our website that includes hundreds of help guides and videos that will inform and educate you about our software. This resource is free to everyone.

10. Being the market leader is a privilege not a right

We're the market leaders because our software and our clients have put us there. This is a very privileged position to be in and we very humbly respect that.