Clients & Patients

Capturing the basic client details is quick and easy whilst you can also customise your client profile to suit your needs and maximise your marketing opportunities.

See all your appointments, accounts and other records from the unique Client Log screen. You can also add critical alerts to warn you of important or sensitive information.

capture client details screen

PPS is an integral part of my daily clinic routine

- Neil Ingram, World Class Gyms, Brussels
appointments diary booking screen


The diary is the hub of your daily clinic life and PPS reflects this by giving you immediate access to clinical and accounts information directly from each appointment. The diary is set up to suit your exact schedule without being limited to fixed appointment times or durations. Confirmations and reminders are sent automatically via SMS or E-Mail to suit individual client’s preferences.

The diary is just as easy to use with a single practitioner as it is managing multiple rooms, locations, departments and disciplines. To complement our Treatment Episode management the diary will also automatically inform and update your referring third-parties with the progress of your clients’ appointments and treatments.

The friendly in-house training gave my staff immediate confidence to start using it.

- Damian Johns, Footfriend Ltd


Your fully audited consultation notes can be quickly recorded using a variety of methods from simple typing through to touch screen quick notes, selecting from a comprehensive library of assessment and other forms, or annotating charts and pictures – you can even take pictures or video on the spot using a webcam or camera.

Full Treatment Episode Management allows you to take control of all admin, billing and clinical aspects essential to meet the needs of third-party referrals.

clinical notes consultations and charts screen
business accounts, invoices and payments screen


PPS takes care of all billing and debt management for both clients and third-parties, including e-billing via Healthcode, and also looks after your practice expenditure too.

Your standard list of charges and stock items is easy to set up and includes some very clever features such as price profiles for each insurance company or practitioner, full stock control including batch control and you can even use a barcode scanner, receipt printer and till drawer.

You can export all your billing details directly to a compatible format to load to your own accounts package if required and we even make it easy to pay your associate practitioners based upon the commission they have earned based upon a percentage or fixed fee basis.

PPS is the ideal solution

- Sara Boardman, insole PRO®

Letters, Mailshots, SMS, Emails...

Using custom templates you can set up standard correspondence including discharge and referral letters to send out quickly and easily to your client or third party such as GP’s or insurance companies. Professional looking templates for letters or emails are easily designed either using your own Office application or with the help of the built in “wizard” template designer.

Mange your own “to-do” list, personal actions, reminders for you to call someone and record quick contact notes, print mailing labels and much more. All of these are recorded in the Client Log as part of your history of records for a client. You can also send internal messages between staff in your clinic.

activities screen, send emails, SMS, letters screen
reports statistics and summaries screen

Reports, Statistics and Summaries

Keep on top of vital data and KPI’s with the unique home-screen Dashboard and using the built in statistics and reporting system.

All reports have a wide range of criteria making the results as broad or specific as you want. Export your data into spread sheet format allowing you to analyse or format your results further.

Select from a wide range of standard reports, or build your own and assign these as favourite reports for use by selected user groups or individual users.

There is very little that PPS cannot offer

- James Hatt And Associates

Mobilise Your Business with PPS Express

Brand new to PPS?

Get started with PPS Express. Express allows you the flexibility of managing your business on the move! All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. Manage your appointments diary, record clinical notes, bill clients and even report on KPI’s. Perfectly designed to help fit in with a busy life style, allowing you all of the benefits of a full clinic management system with none of the fuss!

Already Using PPS?

PPS Express is the perfect addition to your existing clinic management system. PPS Express is a web based system which works in perfect harmony with your main PPS system to allow you to manage your clinic on the move. With full access to those integral aspects of your system from your appointments diary, clinical notes, billing and even reports all from your smartphone or tablet! Keeping on top of things has never been easier.

Online Appointment Booking

PPS Online Appointment Booking is fully embedded into your website allowing new and existing patients to book into your diary instantly. It even links with PayPal in order to take payment prior to the booking confirmation. Check out the video below for a bare example of the online booking facility.

Online Booking Example

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