PPS v4.1.11



Added the ability to cancel the process of dispensing stock when stock batch selection is mandatory.  Improvement (v 4.1.1006)


Fixed an issue causing no date to be displayed on payments taken through SagePay when the system is set to use the charge date for the payment rather than 'today'.  Bug (v 4.1.1006)


All Activities

Corrected an issue preventing Merge Fields from populating information into Activities from Custom Forms.  Bug (v 4.1.1002)

Resolved an issue automatically populating information into Activities from some Custom Form questions.  Bug (v 4.1.1003)

Document Library Records

Resolved an issue causing an error to be displayed when previewing .doc and .xls documents whilst attaching them to a client record.  Bug (v 4.1.1005)


Corrected an issue preventing practitioner-based merge fields populating information in word documents created from a Custom Form.  Bug (v 4.1.1006)


Client Details Screen

Fixed an issue causing an error when deleting client records.  Bug (v 4.1.1002)

Document Library Records

Added the ability to open and read password protected PDFs attached to the client log and within the consultation screen.  New Feature (v 4.1.1006)

Clinical Notes


Update to allow '.tiff' files to be previewed within the Consultation History view.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)

We have made a change to consultation records which means that a date is automatically assigned to the record if one has not already been allocated. This is to ensure that all consultation records can sync successfully between syncing PPS databases.  Improvement (v 4.1.1004)

Custom Forms

Corrected an issue allowing Custom Forms to be signed off before a mandatory question was completed.  Bug (v 4.1.1001)

We have resolved an issue with custom form headings where newly created forms would display all headings at the top of the form rather than in the position that they were placed in the form.  Bug (v 4.1.1004)

We have resolved an issue which was preventing users from editing the order of headings, subheadings and questions within custom forms.  Bug (v 4.1.1004)

We have resolved an issue which was preventing users from deleting a custom form.  Bug (v 4.1.1004)

We have resolved an issue which was preventing users from using the 'send form' and 'load form' functionality within the custom forms module.  Bug (v 4.1.1004)

Fixed an issue preventing Custom Forms from being deleted from within the form.  Bug (v 4.1.1006)

Corrected an error causing Custom Form questions to not be copied to a new form when the Custom Form is copied.  Bug (v 4.1.1006)

Fixed an issue preventing the Client Consolidation Utility moving Custom Forms to the retained client record.   Bug (v 4.1.1007)

Treatment Episodes

Fixed an issue allowing users without the correct permissions to open new Treatment Episodes from the Treatment Episode selection pop up menu.  Bug (v 4.1.1005)


Appointments Diary

Notes entered in the 'Note to reception' section of the consultation completion screen will no longer cause text to overlap on the appointment completion screen.  Bug (v 4.1.1001)

Diary Options

We have added the option to display the time on every slot in the appointments diary in both list and diary view.  New Feature (v 4.1.1004)


All General Options

Added the option to make 'Email Address' a mandatory field when adding a new client. This option is configured in Tools > Options > General System Options > Client Contact Preferences.  New Feature (v 4.1.1006)



Added functionality to the Mailchimp integration to tailor the process for PPS Local and PPS Hosted systems.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)

Additional error handling on MailChimp API keys to inform the user when attempting to use an invalid key.  Bug (v 4.1.1001)

Mailchimp now opens in the PC's default browser for local PPS systems.  Improvement (v 4.1.1004)

We have added a 'process complete' button to enable users to return to PPS when using the third-party integration with Mailchimp.  New Feature (v 4.1.1004)


Database Audit

An audit entry is now added for created/modified files in addition to the document library audit record for all systems rather than just synchronising systems.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)

Miscellaneous Update

PPS can now monitor the running of both the current and the new PPS Sync Server applications.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)


Custom Forms Reports

Updated the Custom Form Reports background process to cater for changes to the database structure of Custom Form information.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)



Change to the user profile table to allow cater to change of PPS Express user information.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)

Overhaul of the database structure for Custom Form data to increase system performance and allow for greater compatibility with PPS Express Custom Forms.  New Feature (v 4.1.1001)

Further optimisation of the Custom Form database files.  Task (v 4.1.1005)


Custom Forms Maintenance

Corrected an issue preventing the deletion of lines from a Custom Form within the Custom Form designer from saving.  Bug (v 4.1.1005)

Improved error handling when trying to import a Custom Form created in an older version of PPS with an incompatible data format.  Improvement (v 4.1.1005)

Database Audit

We have resolved an issue which was causing all information to be removed from the audit stamp when an item was deleted.  Bug (v 4.1.1004)

Lookup Tables

Fixed an error that could occur when modifying appointment types with associated Custom Forms.  Bug (v 4.1.1001)

Updated the display of the DNA 'Schedule reminder for' follow up setting to allow 3 digits to be displayed.  Bug (v 4.1.1007)


Implemented a change to allow contact preferences for the 'Marketing & Mail Shots' category to be globally set for all clients. This now includes clients with the 'Exclude from all Mail Shots' setting set on their client record. This will not reset or change the 'Exclude from all Mail Shots' preference set for the client.  Improvement (v 4.1.1001)

Set Up Practitioners and System Users

Reinstated the check to ensure that a user's initials are unique within the system when adding a new user.  Bug (v 4.1.1006)

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