PPS v4.0.91



Resolved an issue with some online payments not being automatically assigned to the correct appointment.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Stock batches are now checked once a charge code is selected, rather than before, to reduce loading time.  Improvement (v 4.0.9005)


Activity List

The highlighting to indicate the currently selected row within the process outstanding activities screen was not displaying, this has been resolved.  Bug (v 4.0.9006)

All Activities

Fix to an issue with an activity's treatment ID being reset when an activity with no client name associated to it is viewed.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Added <<THISAPPTLOCATIONLABELTEXT>> merge field to populate location label text values within activities.  New Feature (v 4.0.9003)

Change to enable activities to be unticked for processing on the 'Process your outstanding activities' screen.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)


Fixed an error when dragging and dropping emails from outlook into PPS.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Correction to an issue preventing alternative email addresses being selected from the drop-down menu when the 'for' option has been changed.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Resolved an error with the 'to' address of completed emails not being displayed when reopening the record.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Fix to an error causing the 'to' address of emails for a 3rd party to be set to the last selected client.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

The 'cc' email field now auto-populates.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)


Fixed an issue preventing labels being produced for a 3rd party from updating correctly.   Bug (v 4.0.9002)


Resolved an issue producing letters from a mailshot.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Merge Fields

Fixed the '<<INSURANCE-TEXT>>' merge field, which was not populating correctly.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

SMS Text Messages

Fix to an error when sending SMS messages via email.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)


Client Log Screen

Correction to an error when closing the database audit after it has been opened from the client log.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)


Added 'date order' as an additional sorting option to the consultation history.  Improvement (v 4.0.9003)

Correction to an issue preventing annotations printing when a custom for is printed.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Medical Histories

Change to ensure the save changes prompt appears when closing the medical history questionnaire.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Clinical Notes


Added additional merge fields that can be used within the consultation history view. Merge fields added:

  New Feature (v 4.0.9002)

Correction to an error when opening the consultation screen if the previous height setting was too low.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Increased the length of the password field used during signing off consultation notes in line with the new password security options available.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Enhancements to the method of 'popping out' consultations and custom forms.   Improvement (v 4.0.9003)

Resolution to an error reopening the consultation screen when minimised.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Change to prevent consultation notes and custom forms being 'popped out' unintentionally.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Fixed the 'Exit' functionality when a consultation is open.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Entering a heading within a consultation no longer adds a new line if the heading is the first entry in the consultation.  Change Request (v 4.0.9004)

Performance increases to the consultation screen.  Improvement (v 4.0.9005)

Resolved an error when using the symbols and text sets right click options within consultation notes.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Important information now displays within the treatment episode information within the consultation history section of the consultation screen.  Improvement (v 4.0.9006)

Fix to an error opening the consultation screen if the user has never changed the view split orientation.  Change Request (v 4.0.9007)

Resolved an error assigning an existing consultation to a new treatment episode.  Bug (v 4.0.9007)

Custom Forms

Resolved an error raising a charge within a custom form when product batch details are required.  Bug (v 4.0.9001)

Correction to an issue causing 'popping out' a custom form to save the current form and display a new empty form to the user.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Fix to some cosmetic display issues when using custom forms that have not been 'popped out'.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Resolved an error causing a custom form with a single 'free text' question completed to not display the 'save form' prompt when closed.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Fixed an error when using text sets and symbols within a custom form.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Corrected the tooltip when hovering over the 'bring forward' icon as part of an independent custom form.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Change to resolve an issue causing edited custom forms to save as a new instance of the form rather than updating the existing form in some circumstances.  Bug (v 4.0.9004)

Improved the spacing on custom form borders.  Improvement (v 4.0.9005)

Resolved an error completing custom forms with client signature, medical history, raise a charge and total of raised charges question types.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Updated the 'Use a + sign when printing +ve values' option within numeric custom form questions to resolve an issue with the symbols not printing.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Letters and emails created within a custom form now display within the consultation history.  Change Request (v 4.0.9006)

Resolved an error when adding multiple copies of the same custom form from the taskbar button within the consultation screen.  Bug (v 4.0.9008)


Appointments Diary

Fix to prevent blocked out time highlight colour changing when being dragged and dropped from one diary user to another.  Bug (v 4.0.9001)

Change to fix an issue preventing new diary availability being added from the diary when viewing the diary by room view.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Fixed an issue with the formatting of notes and payment information for appointments booked online when viewed from a PPS local system.  Improvement (v 4.0.9005)

Resolved an error matching online bookings to existing clients within the database.   Bug (v 4.0.9006)

Added additional checking during the online booking matching process to prevent an issue assigning activities to the client correctly.  Bug (v 4.0.9007)

Diary Events

Resolved an issue updating details of individual attendees of an event when the type or duration of an event is changed.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Change to ensure that reminders for events are completed if an event is deleted.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)


All General Options

Resolved an issue with the administrator's password not being accepted in some circumstances.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

General Dashboard Items

A new 'add-ins' tab within the general system options provides a central place to manage integrated programs and services within PPS.  Improvement (v 4.0.9004)

System-Wide Aesthetics

Updated the text colour on various list screens to improve readability.   Change Request (v 4.0.9007)


Application Performance

Improved memory handling to reduce system memory usage.  Improvement (v 4.0.9003)

Miscellaneous Update

Resolution to the 'known as' field not populating during the client import process.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Software Updates

Updated the release notes button to take the user to the most recent general release version.  Improvement (v 4.0.9005)


Client Reports

Correction to the 'third party type' = blank report criteria.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Clinical Reports

Resolved an error running the Treatment Episode Statistics Excel Summary report.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Correction to an error when running a 'Clients in Current Treatment' report.   Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Fixed an error running the Treatment Episode List Report when a department is selected within the criteria.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Statistics and Summaries

Changed the list of breakdowns to only show breakdown options relevant to the selected statistics columns.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Third Parties

All Third Party Options

Resolved an error when setting a specific booking confirmation or DNA template for a third party.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Third Party Contact Details

The placeholder text within the third party contact lookup screen is now automatically highlighted and clears as soon as a search term is entered.  Improvement (v 4.0.9002)

Change to the location of text on the 3rd party contact search results screen.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Resolved an error setting DNA templates for specific third parties.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Third Party Log Screen

Change to ensure that the placeholder text within the 3rd party contact screen is selected and automatically removed when users begin to search.  Change Request (v 4.0.9002)


Custom Forms Maintenance

Fixed an error when copying a question within the custom form designer.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Lookup Tables

Change to ensure that when updating the name of a location all relevant online availability is also updated.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Added validation to the appointment type lookup table to ensure that appointments have a duration set if they are made available to book online.  Bug (v 4.0.9005)

Setup Medical History

Added additional warning text on the medical history questionnaire setup screen to warn users that deleting a question will delete all associated answers to the question.  Improvement (v 4.0.9003)

System Users Details

Change to resolve an issue causing a user's password complexity policy to be set to 'simple' if they have no policy currently set and their user record is updated.  Bug (v 4.0.9002)

Corrected an error updating records associated to a practitioner when the practitioner's name is updated and a 'from date' is entered for updating clinical notes.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Change to allow setting a new system user's password without having to first save the newly added user.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Correction to a display error causing users with no access rights to be listed as system administrators.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

Correction to ensure that when a practitioner's name is updated any records of clients waiting for that practitioner on the holding list are also updated.  Bug (v 4.0.9003)

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